Small Ethically Made Brands in the age of Social Media


As a small ethically made brand, the journey is filled with passion and dedication. The love received from those who know about the brand is truly heartwarming. However, the reality of limited budget allocation compared to big brands can be a major challenge. Often, progress is slow, and there are moments when giving up seems like the only option.

Why is it so tough to survive in the market?

In the age of social media, bloggers play a crucial role in promoting brands. They work tirelessly and deserve fair compensation for their efforts. For small ethical brands like ours, a significant portion of the budget goes towards maintaining a sustainable and ethical supply chain. This leaves little room for a marketing budget, resulting in slower sales.

How do we keep going despite the challenges?

Despite the hardships, the brand continues to push forward. The support from genuine customers who appreciate and wear our pieces is invaluable. The organic marketing through real clients helps spread the word, but the struggle persists. As we prepare for the next Eid with exhibitions, the determination to overcome obstacles remains strong. Slowly but surely is the hope.

Happy Shopping!

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