Why should we shop from Ethically Produced Brands?

Why should we shop from Ethically Produced Brands?

Fashion - An all time evolving business. Demands changes but never stops. With the current generation of more connectivity through social media and blogger marketing we are consuming more and more.

What can we do differently?

Look into small brands who are transparent and manufacture ethically. When using the word "Ethical" it's not a marketing term big brands use. It should instead be the core of a businesses value. Look out for, how are there products made. Is it drop shipped? Do they manufacture themselves? If No, then who is accountable for the products journey? If yes, ask them questions and support them. 

Being Ethical for us means;

No Child Labour

Fair Pay

Accountable on every step of production

Introducing you to the maker of the clothing pieces you wear

Transparent supply chain

Safe working condition

Sustainable operation methods

While its not limited at this we try our best to keep all stake holders in mind at every step. South Asian Fashion is booming but the gap between the owners and makers remain. At Emerald Ethnic wear we bridge the gap. Our makers get their asked amount for their work. They are informed of the costing, the sales and they get amount from our sales as their bonus for well deserved work. One of the key CSR we do is to make sure our employees send their children to school, have a roof over their head, get medical check up and savings for their future. 


Stay tuned to our next blog where we share how are products are priced and where does the profit go?

Khuda Hafiz,


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